Sahar Nicole
Sahar Nicole
-Private Model & Entertainer-



Is that really you in the photos?

Yes, absolutely! For privacy reasons I do not show my face. I’ve been told my photos do me no justice in real life. I’ll let you be the judge ;)


Can you send me an un-blurred photo?

Absolutely not, the same reason I choose not to show my face is the same reason why I do not send pictures. If you'd like to see other pictures that are not on my site follow my twitter. @SaharNiicole


Do you do vtyd?

Acronyms… I am not a fan of. If you are looking to check them off of your list then we are not a match.

Can I request an outfit?

Absolutely! Let me know what you have in mind;)


What type of payments do you accept?

I only accept cash. Deposits can be made with online visa gift cards.


Will you sign a NDA?

Of course! Discretion on both of our ends is my number one priority.